Rev. Richard Terrell

Rev. Richard D. Terrell was born in Minneapolis, MN. He graduated from North Central University, Minneapolis, MN with a BS in Communications and a minor in Biblical Studies, and then he attended the University of Northwestern, St. Paul and received a Master’s in Theological Studies. Rev. Terrell is a young but seasoned minister of the Gospel. He was called to the ministry at the age of sixteen. Since accepting his call to the ministry, he has been given the opportunity to minister at various conferences, retreats, and camps. He enjoys teaching, counseling and spreading the Word. His ministry is to inspire, motivate, encourage and empower all people through the word of God. He has a passion for God’s Word joined with a love for all God’s people. He has dedicated his life to inspire, encourage, empower, and motivate individuals in his community and the world. Rev. Richard D. Terrell is currently an associate minister at New Creation Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN.